Google is rolling out email snooze to the Gmail app

26 April, 2018, 00:34 | Author: Chad Warren
  • Gmail's getting a major update on desktop and mobile

Gmail on mobile will get new high-priority notifications to highlight messages Google believes shouldn't be ignored, and will even start to suggest when users should unsubscribe from newsletters or offers that are no longer of worth.

E-mails with sensitive information can be put in "confidential mode". The app keeps things simple by not allowing you to set a time to be reminded - just a the date. This is also where you'll find your third-party Gmail add-ons, so by putting all of these in one place, Google is trying to cut back on the amount of app switching you need to do as you work.

We're also adding Smart Reply to Gmail on the web to help you reply to messages faster.

You can also now control whose eyes end up on your email. When these features might roll out to regular Gmail users has yet to be revealed, but here's hoping that we'll have at least some of these features before summer is over.

High-priority notifications for mobile users is another new feature, which can be toggled on and edited further under the Settings menu.

Let's get this out of the way: based exclusively on looks, fit and finish, the Android app looks incredible. It's a feature I personally use a ton - you'd be surprised how many emails you can clear out of your in-box with a quick "Monday sounds good!" or "Sorry, can't make it!" - and it's nice to see it make its way over to Gmail's desktop version. Google said this can be useful for when sending sensitive information via email such as a tax return or personal details. Users can opt-in to the new features right now, but eventually, this new look will become the default.

One of the biggest changes is to the increase in security.

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Other features include snooze and nudging, both taken from Google's more experimental Inbox app. Snooze is rather self-explanatory.

Where snooze requires you to take action, "nudging" does all the work for you by automatically resurfacing emails Google deems important. With the revamp, however, Tasks gets a bigger billing - it, along with Google Keep notes and Google Calendar - can be popped up right in Gmail's sidebar with just a click.

Not all of the features are here yet (confidential mode is rolling out in "the coming weeks"), but upgrading now will give you a fresh new interface to play with while you wait.

Google is undertaking a significant shakeup of its popular Gmail webmail system, as it seeks to combat Microsoft's Office 365.

Want to try some of these new features for yourself?

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